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10 Best Free Mockups for Etsy Sellers

As an Etsy seller, you know that visually appealing product images are essential to grab the attention of potential buyers. High-quality mockups can help you showcase your products in the best light possible. To help you create eye-catching listings, we've compiled a list of the 10 best free mockups for Etsy sellers. These mockups cover a variety of products, from tumblers to baby bodysuits, ensuring you'll find the perfect match for your unique creations.

1. Tumbler Mockup Variety Bundle

This Tumbler Mockup Variety Bundle offers an array of customizable options to present your tumblers in a stylish and professional manner. You can showcase different designs and sizes effortlessly, making it perfect for Etsy sellers who offer a diverse range of tumblers.

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2. Free Gildan 3001 Mockup

If you specialize in selling t-shirts on Etsy, the Free Gildan 3001 Mockup is a fantastic choice. It allows you to display your designs on a high-quality, realistic t-shirt model, helping potential buyers visualize how your apparel will look and fit.

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3. Libbey Glass Mockup

Etsy sellers offering glassware will appreciate the Libbey Glass Mockup. This mockup lets you display your glass products with clarity, highlighting intricate details and ensuring potential buyers see the true beauty of your creations.

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4. 11 oz White Mug Mockup

Mugs are a popular item on Etsy, and the 11 oz White Mug Mockup is an ideal tool for showcasing your designs. This mockup allows you to present your mugs in a variety of settings, giving customers a sense of how your mugs would fit into their daily lives.

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5. Phone Case Mockups

Etsy shops offering custom phone cases can benefit from using Phone Case Mockups. These mockups offer a wide range of phone models, enabling you to showcase your designs on different devices and appeal to a broader audience.

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6. Tote Bag Mockup

Tote bags are versatile and beloved by many Etsy customers. With a Tote Bag Mockup, you can display your designs on these eco-friendly products, helping shoppers visualize the style and functionality of your bags.

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7.Tote Bag Mockup (Yes, another one!):

Variety is key, and having multiple tote bag mockups in your arsenal can help you display your designs from various angles and perspectives. This ensures your Etsy listings stand out from the crowd.

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8. Frosted 16oz Libbey Glass

For Etsy sellers specializing in glassware, the Frosted 16oz Libbey Glass mockup is a must-have. It emphasizes the unique frosted texture of your glass products, making them even more enticing to potential buyers.

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9. Enamel camping mug mockup bundle

Enamel camping mugs have a rustic charm that appeals to many Etsy shoppers. With the Enamel Camping Mug Mockup Bundle, you can showcase your designs on these mugs in outdoor settings, helping customers envision using them during their adventures.

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10. Baby Bodysuit Mockup

Etsy shops featuring baby clothing can make use of the Baby Bodysuit Mockup to present their adorable designs. This mockup offers a realistic portrayal of how your baby bodysuits will look on the little ones, making it easier for parents to make a purchase decision.


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In the competitive world of Etsy, eye-catching product listings are essential for attracting customers. By using these 10 best free mockups, you can create professional, engaging visuals that will help your Etsy shop stand out and boost your sales. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your unique creations with these versatile and user-friendly mockup templates.

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